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This is Shpock

Shpock is a mobile-first marketplace encouraging people to find joy from selling. The declutterers. The wallet boosters. The eco-conscious.

The Shpock app has been downloaded more than 50 million times across Europe making it easy and safe to turn electronics, fashion and (almost) anything else into cash in your pocket. With our Secure Delivery feature millions of sellers nationwide can receive payments for items and organise shipping easily, all for free. Zero fees. Zero hassle. Zero reason not to.

A success story made in Austria

Launched in autumn 2012, Shpock (short for SHop in your POCKet) climbed the app store download charts within a couple of months. Today we're one of the biggest mobile marketplaces in Europe.

We have more than 10 million active users and more than two billion page impressions – numbers that, along with regular #1 rankings in the App and Google Play stores in Germany, the UK and Austria, make Shpock one of Europe’s most popular shopping apps. Behind that success stands a hundred-strong team of highly motivated people from all over the world who have helped us win the 'Best of 2017 Award' for sustainability from Apple and the 'Android Excellence App of 2018' from the Google Play Store.

A state-of-the-art developer

Our international developer team makes sure the Shpock app and website run smoothly 24/7 while constantly working to improve the buying and selling experience.

Our huge community of Shpockers generates more than 100 million API requests every day, which requires an extremely high performance and robust IT infrastructure. This means we offer exciting challenges in all areas of software development: iOS, Android, web, testing, full stack/backend, IT ops, data warehouse and more. We're guided by the latest technologies and obsessively follow new advancements in everything from machine learning to automation.

A professional business partner

We also operate in the B2B market. We offer businesses nationwide their own virtual shop window in the Shpock app where they can extend their reach to our community of millions, with tailor made solutions for certain verticals, like motoring. As a pioneer in the mobile-first marketplace, we're also a renowned and successful advertising platform.

Our Values

Win & Lose Together and don't be a jerk

As colleagues we support each other, respect each other, celebrate our successes together and learn from our failures as a team 🙌 at Shpock, there’s no room for solo winners.

Everything we do is a team effort and we rely on each other’s help to accomplish our goals. There’s no need to brag about your solo achievements or blame others when something doesn’t work. Basically, there's no need to be a jerk!

Say Like It Is and treat feedback as a gift

All Shpockies should feel like they can voice their opinion - and know that it will be heard.🙋

Be honest, clear, and direct. Experience, seniority, titles do not matter. If you disagree or think we are doing something wrong, say it out loud. Stick to facts, because facts rule!

This means that we will all get some constructive feedback, and always treat it like a gift, because it truly is. Feedback helps us grow - both as individuals and as a company.🚀

Get Stuff Done and keep your promises

We are all accountable for delivering what we promise to deliver. The biggest promise, of creating perfect matches in the worlds' most trusted marketplaces, is a continuous promise.💪

Get stuff done for our users and customers needs to drive our decisions and our actions. This is necessary to have the speed to market in our continuous effort to improve our products.

Always Be Learning, Fast, Try Stuff Learn From The Data, and try again

We should make decisions based on facts and not gut feelings. And we should do crazy things from time to time. And then be prepared to fail sometimes. And that’s good, as long as we fail fast, we share our learnings with the rest of the community and we use those learnings in our next experiments.🌎

Shpock in a nutshell

  • Shpock is short for 'SHop in your POCKet'
  • The Shpock app launched in September 2012
  • 50 million+ downloads (so far)
  • One of the leading digital marketplaces in the UK, Austria and Germany